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UK Laboratory Furniture

Thank you for visiting UK Laboratory Furniture. We are the UK's leading experts in all aspects of Laboratory Furniture manufacture, full or partial installations & refurbishments plus Trespa Fabrication. With over 30 years of experience, we have gathered extensive knowledge of the exacting nature of the environments we manufacture for. Our products are both aesthetically pleasing but more importantly built to last. Did you know that we are the only Laboratory Furniture manufacturer that guarantees cabinets and tables rated with a load-bearing capacity of 240KG as standard?

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Educational Lab Furniture

Our Services Include
Laboratory Furniture Manufacturing  // Trespa Fabrication  //  Laboratory Benching // 
Turn Key Installation  //  Laboratory Design  // Balance Benches

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white and dark red installed laboratory furniture
Bespoke Industrial Workbenches for Lab
 High Quality Materials 
 Satisfaction Guaranteed
 Made in Britain
 +35 Years
 Family Run 
  10 Year

We are the UK's top experts in all areas of the manufacture and installation of laboratory furniture and fabrication of Trespa for worktops and furniture. We pride ourselves on creating high quality products which are created to last a lifetime of usage. All our furniture is handcrafted and manufactured at our factory here in Yorkshire. Our production staff have over 100 years experience of design and producing these products. We have complete control over design and construction methods which allows us to offer product consistency. If you can draw it we can make it.

Do you need guidance with your new laboratory? We offer consultancy solutions to help you make the optimum decision. Use our years of working knowledge and expertise to get the best out of your working environment. Your staff deserve the best.


We encourage all of our customers to come and visit us. Get in touch to organise a visit to our new 20,000sqft factory and showroom facilities. We have a fully working laboratory, including a fume cupboard, to prove what we can create for you. When planning a project it is important to see the quality of materials and workmanship of the manufacturer, so we encourage anybody who is looking to invest in their facilities to come to take a look for themselves. Please give us a call or email to arrange your visit today. For our full contact details please visit our Contact page. For in-depth information on Lab Furniture visit out Laboratory Furniture blog.

Purchasing laboratory furniture manufactured in Britain can provide a multitude of benefits for laboratory professionals. These benefits can be broken down into the following categories:

Tradition and Experience

  • Britain has a long-standing tradition in the manufacturing of high-quality industrial and scientific equipment.

  • British manufacturers have extensive knowledge and experience in the fabrication, installation, and manufacturing of laboratory furniture.

  • Purchasing from a British manufacturer ensures that the furniture is made with a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

High Quality

  • British laboratory furniture manufacturers are known for their high-quality products.

  • Furniture units, cabinets, cupboards, balances benches, tables, desks, and reagent racks are all made with precision and accuracy, ensuring that they meet the strict standards required in laboratory environments.

  • Trespa, a popular material used in laboratory furniture, is widely available and is often used in the manufacturing process by British manufacturers.

Customizable Options

  • British laboratory furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of customizable options to meet the specific needs of different laboratories.

  • The design and construction of the furniture can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of the laboratory.

  • British manufacturers have the expertise to work with clients to create bespoke solutions that are both practical and functional.

Ease of Installation

  • British manufacturers offer expert installation services that ensure that the furniture is installed correctly and in compliance with safety regulations.

  • This takes the pressure off laboratory professionals, allowing them to focus on their work while leaving the installation to experts.

Support and Aftercare

  • British manufacturers offer comprehensive support and aftercare services to ensure that the furniture remains in top condition.

  • If any issues arise, British manufacturers are on hand to provide expert advice and assistance.

  • This ensures that the furniture lasts for many years, providing long-term value for money.


In conclusion, purchasing laboratory furniture manufactured in Britain can provide a range of benefits for laboratory professionals. From the country's long-standing tradition in manufacturing to the high-quality materials and customization options, British manufacturers have the expertise and knowledge to deliver furniture that meets the unique requirements of different laboratories. Additionally, expert installation and comprehensive aftercare services ensure that the furniture remains in top condition, providing long-term value for money.

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